TC - 666
Zero - G Massage Chair
Zero Gravity, full body airbag massage chair.
Key Features
  • Zero-gravity : adoption of the U.S. NASA theory
  • 42 multi-layered air begs providing air pressure massage to 7 parts of the body.
  • 17 cm extendable leg rest suitable for different height people.
  • Massages shoulder and aim with effective air pressure, relax body & relieves stress.
  • Music input function synchornized with massage speed.
  • Wavelet air pressure on waist and seat makes waist & hip relax completely.


The main function of this chair is : Zero Gravity; Backbone S tretch, music synchronization. So the suggestion for introduction as follow:

  • Adjust the sitting posture
  • when buyers sit on the chair, the important step is adjust the si tting posture. Sales can ask the buyer “ Is it desire position for you?” The foot rest can be extended up to 25cm according person’s height. For TC-666, the retail sales should adjust the position to Zero Gravity position. Meanwhile, sales should introduce “w hat is Zero Gravity position”. Zero Garvity: condition in which no accelerati on, whether due to gravity or any other force, can be detected by an observer with in a system. It also means the absence of weight or the absence of the force if grav ity acting on a body. Zero Gravity position: which is the most relaxest massage positio n. Please see the picture, which show the Angle 4 is the most relaxest position

  • Select manual mode: Kneading on back first. Meanwhile open the a ir pressure on footrest , seat, waist and shoulder.
  • A. When you select the kneading function, sales should spot the rolle rs on the Tianzhu point ( which is the Troditional Chinese Medicine science, p lease see last page of the pictures). We can explain to the buyer, massag e Tianzhu point can prevent and relief the toothache, headache.

    B. Keep the roller goes down to the shoulder and spot there. Sales may explain to buyers as follow: there are over than 40% person suffer the disease on the shoulder and neck, when we spot the roller on Jianjin point ( the Traditional Chinese Medical science, please see the last pag e for the point). Which can release the fatigue.

    C. After several minutes massage on shoulder. changing tapping funct ion and adjust the massage speed to the lowest on the back, keep ro llers goes up and down 2 times, meanwhile you explain to you buyers, tapping on back is tapping the meridian in fact, it’s helpful to our heart, liver, spleen, stomach , lungs, kidney.

    D. Then change kneading+tapping function on buyers waist. The vertebration of person has a big space when we sit on chair, cause our vertebration is not straight. So we use the kneading+tapping function on waist. Waist can be massage well under this function.

  • When the rollers on the waist , we can let the buyer enjoy it. Meanwhile you should introduce heating function on waist and soles. Why we des ign heating function on waist and soles. There are two points you can say.
  • 1) After long time working in one day, we want to relax ourselves , we will select to take a hot water shower, cause we can rela x ourselves when we take a hot water shower.

    2) Kidney is our one of the biggest exhaust ventilation system for toxic agents control .
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